It was easy & quick to set up our fundraiser for our church trip. We raised over $8,700 to help with travel expenses.
I created a fundraiser to raise money to pay for medical expenses for my mother who's battling cancer.
We raised over $2,500 to buy gym equipment to run a free fitness class for inner city kids.
I raised money because I wanted to start a recycling program at my college — I sold more than 500 t-shirts!
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Kick-start your idea & raise money with t-shirts — the fast, fun & easy way.

We make it easy for you to raise awareness and money for your project, organization, or event using t-shirt fundraisers. In a few simple steps you're on your way to bringing your idea to life!

How Tfund Works

You Design Your Product
Use our online designer to create something your supporters will love. Or use one of our professionally designed templates.
Choose A Price & Goal
Decide how much you want to sell it for and how many you think you can sell.
Make It Personal
Create a compelling story on why you've started your fundraiser — share the details on your personal fundraising page.
Spread The Word
Promote your fundraiser on social media & email and watch your sales explode. Who knows — maybe your fundraiser will even go viral!
Earn The Profits
There's no limit to how much you can earn!

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Unlimited Profits There's no maximum of how much money you can raise for your project, organization, or event. You set your goal and price to achieve the profits you'd like.
100% Free To Run There is no up-front cost to run a fundraiser through Tfund. The only thing you'll ever receive from us is a check in the mail if your fundraiser was successful!
We Produce, Bill & Fulfill You've got more important things to worry about than collecting money and fulfilling orders. We take care of billing, producing, shipping and customer service.
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Actual User Testimonials
"Tfund was a great way to involve our friends and family in our adoption story! We successfully exceeded our fund-raising goal with time to spare! The process of uploading a design was simple and we appreciated the fact that orders are collected and shirts are shipped directly to customers. We, along with our friends, were able to share the site easily on various social networking sites to help raise support. It was FUN watching our shirt sales increase each day. We would definitely use Tfund again!"
- Craig & Erin Johnson
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