How Does It Work?

Whether you need a fundraiser to raise a little or a lot of money, Tfund allows you to set up your fundraiser and in just minutes. You can create and sell custom t-shirts online without costs or risks to you. All you need to do is set up your fundraiser online, tell people about it, and we'll do the rest! Let us help you kick-start your fundraiser today!

1 Create Your Fundraiser

In a few simple steps you can create your fundraiser online and start earning profits. Begin by creating a really awesome t-shirt using our online designer, choose your price and goal, add details about your campaign that tell your story and then launch it. Now you have your own unique fundraising website!

Design Your Custom Shirt
2 Spread The Word

Get people as excited as you are! Share your fundraiser through social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest or email your supporters your fundraiser campaign page and collect pre-orders towards your goal. Get creative and have fun with it!

Design Your Custom Shirt
3 Collect Your Profits

Great job! You got a ton of supporters who bought your t-shirt and you've met your goal. We've sent you the profits, now pat yourself on the back and start using your profits for your organization or project.

Design Your Custom Shirt