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It was easy & quick to set up our fundraiser for our church trip. We raised over $8,700 to help with travel expenses.
I created a fundraiser to raise money to pay for medical expenses for my mother who's battling cancer.
We raised over $2,500 to buy gym equipment to run a free fitness class for inner city kids.
I raised money because I wanted to start a recycling program at my college — I sold more than 500 t-shirts!
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Use your design to make money for your project, event, company or organization. With no fees or inventory requirements, your campaign is totally free to operate!
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Decide how much you want your t-shirts to be sold for and how many you think you can sell.
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Promote your campaign via social media & email to watch your campaign grow. Who knows — maybe your campaign will even go viral!
Earn Profits
There's no limit to how much you can earn! Once your campaign closes, we'll send any profits to you electronically.
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Tfund takes care of billing, fulfillment & customer service. All you need to do is tell people about your campaign and start making money!

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